The Success of Good Customer Relationships

In the current market, businesses base their business processes around customer relationships and fulfilling the customer’s needs. Cuong Huynh says “The trademark of Car2go is its user friendly system developed to meet and exceed the needs of customers” (par 9). To meet the needs of the company’s target customers, Car2go provides a website that is easy to navigate, a call help center, and 24/7 service teams.

The Car2go website presents information in an organized matter, making it easy for customers to answer their questions. The information provided includes information such as the main concept of Car2go, the importance of mobility, how the vehicles are helping the environment, and frequently asked questions.


Car2go also provides a call help center that is available at all hours. The purpose is to assist customers with questions that cannot be answered by the company website as well as increase customer intimacy through verbal contact with Car2go representatives. Improving customer intimacy has a positive influence on customers by encouraging them to use the rental service it provides.

Finally, Car2go provides a 24/7 service team that cleans and refuels the vehicles every few days. The purpose is to provide a clean and desirable service that will keep the customers happy and save them time.

Overall, Car2go focuses their company on the needs of its customers to increase customer relationships. This is a concept all businesses should take into consideration if they want to be successful in the future.

If you have any good experiences using Car2go or have noticed other ways the company improved its services for its customers, I encourage you to share them.

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